What is Natural Farming?

Natural Farming or Vedic Natural Farming is an ancient and effective technique of farming which does not rely on any sort of Chemicals and Fertilizers or pesticides.

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How is Natural Farming Different from Organic Farming??

Organic Farming is a modern method of Farming which is very different from Natural Farming. While organic growth is attained by the use of ‘Organic’ Fertilizers and pesticides, Natural Farming does not rely on these techniques.

Advantages of Natural Farming

Natural Farming is done strictly without the use of any fertilizers or pesticides. In place of Composted fertilizers and chemicals, the farms are provided fresh cow dung mixed with Jaggery and Besan. None of the materials used in farming are stale or composted. Hence the Soil always gets fresh nutrients which is reflected directly in the taste of usability of the yield.

For Farmers this is beneficial as this method directly cuts down the investment on Fertilizers and Pesticides. It helps in rejuvenating the condition of soil, improves the water retentivity, reduces overall consumption of Water and this method can be practised easily even in drought prone areas. However, being completely natural this method of farming requires more supervision and control.

For People the direct benefit is in the food itself which is free from any sort of chemicals. The food tastes better than other food items of the same category. Being ultra rich in nutrients, the food grown using this technique also results in improvement of our Immunity system.