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ZBNF vs Organic Farming

The increasing human diseases like Cancer, Aids, Diabetics, and Heart attacks are the outcomes of the Green Revolution. Green Revolution is the transformation process of violence. It is not a creation process. It means destruction of millions of micro-organisms by means of poisonous chemical fertilizers & insecticides, destruction of birds, soil, water, environment & human health also. The destruction of the human being! The fertile land which was producing hundred tones of Sugarcane per acre or forty quintals of Wheat per acre had become so barren that even grass can not be grown on this land. And this happens to thousands of acre land in India. The production had declined to ten tones of Sugarcane and five quintals of Wheat.

A) Introduction of Zero Budget Farming

Zero Budget Natural Farming means there will nothing be used which incurs the cost, the production cost will be zero. In the Zero Budget Natural Farming nothing has to be purchased from the outside. All things required for the growth of the plant are available around the root zone of the plants. There is no need to add anything from outside. Our soil is prosperous-full of nutrients. Crops takes only 2% of nutrients from the soil remaining 98 to 99% nutrients are taken from air, water & solar energy. Our DNF Agriculture Research center says false that we have to add fertilizers from outside. If science says, that 98% crop body is constituted by air and water, then where is the need to add the fertilizers from the outside? Every green leaf produces the food throughout the day. These green leafs are food producing factories. What is used the leaves for producing the food? It takes carbon dioxide & nitrogen from the air, water from the canal, river or well given by the monsoon clouds, and solar energy from the sun for producing the food.

B) Organic Farming is more Costlier and not good for health

To destroy the all dried biomass on the soil, to destroy the animal casting and to add Cadmium, Arsenic and Mercury like poisonous heavy metals in the soil to destroy the soil health and human health. Because, the Eisenia Foetida does not eat soil, eats only casting and biomass, which are the main part of the humans creation.


Zero Budget Natural Farming (ZBNF) or holistic agriculture is a method of agriculture that counters the commercial expenditure and market dependency of farmers for the inputs like fertilisers and pesticides.

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