About Us

We are delighted to share our inspiring story with you!!

What is Deeksha Naturals ?

Deeksha Naturals is a brand of DNF Agriculture and Research Center Pvt Ltd. Deeksha Natural Farms is a beautiful, more than 250 acre of Farm Land in the Heart of India nearby the City of Indore in Madhya Pradesh. Deeksha Naturals was envisioned and established in 2007 by a group of like minded individuals whose aims were to curb the deterioration of our Farmlands by the use of Harmful pesticides and artificial fertilizers and thus prevent the people from consuming such harmful products.

In search of knowledge we turned to our Ancient Vedic Scriptures. Applying the knowledge of Ancient Vedic Farming which dictates very methodical way of Farming which is completely natural (so much so that it prohibits the use of days old Cow Dung in Farming Practices). This type of Farming which has been very limited in our Society and has several benefits over the conventional methods of Farming.

Our Company

We are a young team of Farming Entrepreneurs who have come together to provide the best Natural and Health Care products that are 100% free from all kinds of Preservatives, chemicals and other harmful contaminants, thus providing absolutely Natural Items at your doorstep.

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Explore 100% Natural Products which are carefully farm produced under strict supervision from raw materials that are grown completely without the use of any harmful pesticides and artificial fertilizers.